King and Cowan

The S/E corner as it appeared in 1903.


A photo from a couple of years ago.


Recently vacant, the sign was removed to reveal an old hand painted sign underneath..




Our friend Steve Banks died a few years ago and one of the things we did in his honour was to plant a silver maple in Trinity Bellwoods Park.


The tree was doing very well and I stop by several times a year to check on it’s progress.

Last week I was shocked to find that someone had stripped ALL the bark from the trunk.


I have no idea who did this or why someone would vandalize a perfectly healthy tree.

It’s beyond saving and the city will have to cut it down.

This isn’t the first tree to be destroyed in the Park.


I’ve spoken to the city and they agree that this was deliberate and not some natural disease.

The city has promised to replace the tree.

Anyone with any information please contact me.

Steve was a good friend of ours and his memorial tree deserved respect.

Nikola Tesla

We were up in Arnprior this weekend to attend a family event.The small village of Galetta is near by on the Mississippi River. A Hydro Electric power station was built here in 1907 and is still in operation.


This plant is still running the original Westinghouse generators built in 1905. These amazing generators were designed by the great Nikola Tesla.



One has a build plate from 1905, and the other 1912.



The generators were rebuilt in the 1970’s, bot because there was anything wrong with them. Their power output was increased.

They’re driven by a double impeller located in the water in the sluiceway.

Something like this.


The plant is now computer controlled but here’s the original control panel.


The two light bulbs (one missing) would flash on start up and once in sync, the power would be released into the grid.

It’s a testament to the skills and talent of Tesla and the Westinghouse engineers that this equipment is still working (as designed) over a 100 years later.



Nikola Tesla.


George Westinghouse.


Lost Highway

Returning from a family event in Arnprior, we travelled via Highway 7 back to the city.

Gibbs Gas Station is located just north of Kaladar and was established in 1936 or so.

No longer in business, it sits silently as the elements take their toll…